Happy New Year! … Or is it Happy New Year’s?? I’ve heard both, and now find myself over-thinking which is the correct greeting. Help clearing that up would be greatly appreciated. Seriously!

This past year has been a turning point for me in many ways. I reached a place where I knew things had to change or I was going to go under.  I guess you could say I have felt completely overwhelmed for about a decade. (You can read more about that here.). Recently, I was lamenting how busy and stressed out I am, when a friend asked, “What is it you’re so busy with, anyway?”  Hah!  Good question!

I’m just busy.

Doing life.


Keeping kids afloat and doing the basic mom thing.

All I know is I FEEL overwhelmed, tired and not productive. I’ve let things go in all areas of my life, and it has caught-up to me in BIG ways. Sure, I have some tremendous excuses— cancer (you can read more about it here and here) surgeries (here , here and here) chemo  ,radiation (here and here), recovery, but…

…a lot of it boils down to my personality.

Bottom line: I need white space on my calendar and in my life to function.

Last year began a SLOW journey of decluttering every maxed-out part of my life, and when I say slow, I mean REALLY slow. And, likewise, when I say EVERY part, I mean EVERY.   My house: at first glance, you would not agree with me because decorating-wise, it’s somewhat sparse. But… open a cupboard, closet or drawer and it’s a random hot mess. We’ve simply accumulated too much stuff!

There’s more to it than the physical clutter though. It’s a need to unbury myself from the pressure and disorganization in every area. I’m talking…

–Schedule (did I mention I need white space?!)

–Finances (everything costs so much!)

–Relationships (Eddie and I are struggling a bit. Totally blame the kids! Hah.)

–WEIGHT (SO much to say right here.)

–Health (can’t seem to get a complete clean bill of health, multiple BUGGY issues and appointments.)

–Emotions (forced into early menopause because of cancer. Need I say more?!)

So… back to my SLOW journey of decluttering my life. I have a lot to share, and depending on my level of bravery (total disclaimer in case you never hear me mention this topic again) I will begin slowly posting about my progress and baby steps: a kind of behind the scenes glimpse into my life and what God is showing me.

In the book, She’s Still There, by Chrystal Evans Hurst, she says, “You will get so much joy from watching the unnecessary weight in your life fall off little by little over time.”  I hope to encourage and inspire you to join me in getting the junk out of your life , releasing you to move forward in faith with purpose.

It’s been said that clutter is a result of delayed decisions, so let’s decide right here and now that 2018 will be the year we allow God to make it truly a Happy New Year…

or … Happy New Year’s??!