Lori leverages both the gifts and the trials that have been a part of her journey in order to welcome women into the pursuit of peace in the pieces. On stage or in the grocery store, Lori’s spirit shines due to a vibrant faith. She has a calming presence that sets her audience at ease so they can embrace the messages she shares.


Lori has three messages ready to go but has so much more to say than what is outlined here. If you have a specific request, please contact Lori so you can discuss your specific needs. Lori has spoken at ladies’ retreats, teas, luncheons, and Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) groups.

Life is Hard AND God is Incredible

Life can be hard and so unfair!

How many times have you thought this?

During an argument that just never resolves? Financial hardships that get worse instead of better? That lingering health issue? The career obstacles that just keep showing up out of the blue?

It’s in these times you wonder, in the dead of night: Is God even there?

After repeating the phrase to several friends, “God has been with me during this difficult time,” Lori stopped and contemplated her ‘pat’ answer. Had she REALLY seen God working? Could she actually name the specific ways he had been with her?

In this very practical and moving presentation, Lori will lead the audience through her surprising discovery of noticing God in the everyday AND extraordinary events of life. Using examples from the Bible, she will equip you with practical ways to track God’s faithfulness and understand that he is always with you. She will touch on the topics of faith, self-talk, and mental clutter, along with a big dose of encouragement to trust that God is in the pieces.

In this talk, Lori will help you:

• Recognize with confidence that God sees you in your pain.
• Put aside hopeless thinking and embrace faith.
• Connect with God on a deeper level, even when life is hard.

Peace in the Pieces: Let Go of Fear

Have you ever felt like you were groping for hope in the dark? Have you searched for peace in times of suffering with no solid assurance that peace in suffering is possible?

After losing her mom to cancer at a young age, Lori found herself asking these questions when she was diagnosed with cancer at the same age her mom was diagnosed. Using personal stories and Scripture, she illustrates how peace came, moment by moment, when she embraced the unfailing love of God.

In this session, Lori will encourage overcomers to:

• Respond to suffering with active faith.

• Reclaim hope through the promises in Scripture.

• Rest in the knowledge that we are fully known and loved by God.

• Release fear and anxiety.

It’s the Thought that Counts

Are you worn out trying to overcome your own negative self-talk? It can rob you of your joy and security, leaving you defeated in the way you think about yourself and others.

Lori has been on her own journey of understanding how much God desires us to live a life of freedom in our thoughts and walk in the assurance of God’s approval.  This journey has led her to develop a habit of looking for God at work.

In this session you will be given specific strategies to:

• Discover ways to notice God in the everyday AND extraordinary events of life.
• Discipline your heart and mind to replace lies with truth.
• Defeat perfectionism and insecurity.
• Develop a mindset of abundance to overcome limiting beliefs.

/ Testimonials from Lori’s Recent Events

Lori Margo came and spoke to our MOPS group. She was engaging and told her story in a way that so many could relate. She spoke of God’s provision in the lowest times in life, and of the hope He gives. Hearing how to draw on His promises, moms left feeling equipped for when times get rough. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! She is very relatable and real.

/ Amy Adams

Coordinator for SVCC MOPS

Lori is one of the most comfortable communicators I know. She shares with grace and compassion, and brings about real and raw emotions as she tells her story. She will leave you inspired and filled with hope!

/ Wendy Nelson

Counseling Supervisor at Pregnancy Resource Center

Lori Margo shared her amazing, encouraging story of faith over fear at our church in Las Vegas. Dynamic, insightful, compelling, and real are all words people used to describe her talk— words they were still using months after the fact.

/ Ronald E. Gollner

Senior Leader at RiverChurch Las Vegas

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