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Looking For Spring in the Seasons of Life

Olivia and I needed a change of scenery, but didn’t want to go to the trouble of driving somewhere. We decided to walk our mile long, dirt road with our dog Oliver — a bouncy, red, springer terrier. The day was bright, with a piercing coolness… holding the first hint of spring.  A hint thatContinue Reading “Looking For Spring in the Seasons of Life”

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Sorting Through Boxes of Cards and Unwanted Thoughts

It had been on my mind a few weeks and today was the day to take action. Eddie needed a new space for ALL his work shirts. (When you are in construction, it can be hard on the wardrobe, and A LOT of t-shirts are needed.) He had slowly been encroaching on my recently organizedContinue Reading “Sorting Through Boxes of Cards and Unwanted Thoughts”

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Telling God ‘I See YOU’ During Difficult Times

My brother, Doug, arrived at my house the day before Thanksgiving. This was the first time seeing him since our dad’s funeral. Doug was already having a funky week, with most of his family unable to be there for the holiday. He kept sighing deeply every few minutes, generating an overall melancholy disposition. Things hadContinue Reading “Telling God ‘I See YOU’ During Difficult Times”

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Cake, Closets, and Grief

Chocolate cake did me in! . . . Initiated the steady decline into an all-out hormonal upheaval, which means . . . I battled depression all last week. I simply cannot tolerate an overdose of sugar anymore. My emotions go wonky. My thoughts go, well . . . PSYCHO! Sugar is my slippery slope toContinue Reading “Cake, Closets, and Grief”

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The Enneagram: My Newest Obsession

Let’s talk about the Enneagram. Have you heard about it? Has it grabbed ahold of you and disrupted your life a bit? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hooked. I’m possibly late to the game, but that’s ok… the timing is perfect in my life to take the Enneagram bunny trail. (Warning: This is goingContinue Reading “The Enneagram: My Newest Obsession”

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Missing My Dad: What I Shared at his Memorial Service

I lost my dad this past week, and while he was 92, it was too soon. You may be familiar with some of his story from previous posts (here and here)… but I wanted to share what I said about him during his memorial service, which we called, ‘A Celebration of Life for Jack Polk.”Continue Reading “Missing My Dad: What I Shared at his Memorial Service”

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‘Afraid Yet Filled With Joy’: Overcoming a Fear of Failure

We didn’t see it coming. It was early Saturday morning and I was headed to the beach with Wendy and Kellie. I pulled into the gas station to quickly fuel up before driving down the hill to where we would do our favorite Saturday routine of jogging two miles, followed by getting coffee, and thenContinue Reading “‘Afraid Yet Filled With Joy’: Overcoming a Fear of Failure”

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Releasing Teens to Grow Up (Part 2) And the Lessons I’m Having a Hard Time Learning

HOW do you release your young adult kids to grow up into the people God designed them to be? HOW do you allow them to launch without controlling their every move? Is it just me and my anxiety-driven, Enneagram 6- catastrophizing mindset that is struggling with this? Or can you relate? WHY is every stepContinue Reading “Releasing Teens to Grow Up (Part 2) And the Lessons I’m Having a Hard Time Learning”

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Weight-loss Check In (or a.k.a. Checked-Out)

Let’s just do a little weight-loss update. I can summarize my progress in a short phrase: Some weight was lost, and now I’m completely stalled. There. I said it. Hah! What is wrong with me? Here are the facts:  I’ve been actively pursuing this trying-to-lose-weight thing for a year, and have only lost l5 pounds.Continue Reading “Weight-loss Check In (or a.k.a. Checked-Out)”

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Organized Pantry and Spices and Thoughts on Marriage

My pantry looks amazing! I mean, you should REALLY be impressed with it. I thoroughly decluttered it about a month ago (you can read about that here) and have now spent some time organizing it. Everything came together fairly quickly, except for those darn spices! I struggle with wanting the PERFECT solution, which derails progressContinue Reading “Organized Pantry and Spices and Thoughts on Marriage”