(the next part of my story…)

 “Is this an outpatient surgery?” The surgeon was trying not to smile as I asked what I
later realized, was a most ridiculous question.  

 “No,” he said.  “You can expect to stay in the hospital three to five or more days.  I could feel the tears beginning to brim over.  I was not prepared for his answer.  I had expected no more than a one night stay.  The thought of almost a week was overwhelming to say the least.

It was yet again a different twist in this journey than I had anticipated.  The details were closing in on me.  As a homeschooling mother of three young children, a week away from my family did not seem even possible.  How would I get through the next couple of weeks, let alone my children and husband?  It was too much!

Isaiah 26:13 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”  God has this amazing way of flooding us with peace and grace when we just simply ask.  He seems to shield us from knowing too much of our future because we would be paralyzed with fear if we knew what was ahead.  Instead, He nudges us forward as we exercise our faith and saturates us with His presence as we trust in Him. 

The details for my “hospital get-away” actually fell right in to place.  I ended up staying six days and my children were well-cared for and my husband graciously spent each night with me.  As I was released on that sixth day, a precious friend flew down and stayed with us a week- taking care of me and homeschooling the kids.  Family and friends provided dinner each night for the next ten days.

So, while it would be overwhelming to know the future details of our trials, it is also overwhelming to realize how God is going to walk us through it and provide each step of the way.  As my path continues to have unexpected turns, I am learning to look for God around every corner.  It seems He gets a kick out of surprising me… and THAT makes me smile.  

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