You want to believe that God is always with you.

That He cares about you, personally, no matter what you’re going through.

But lately, life has been a doozy — leaving you depleted and overwhelmed.

When you see no relief in sight, it’s easy to get stuck in a negative headspace, losing sight of who God is.


And catchphrases that seem to help other people …

“Too blessed to be stressed!”

“God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

“You just need an attitude of gratitude!”

… have never ever worked for you.

Leaving you stumbling into 2022 with a weary heart and more questions than answers.

You want to believe — with certainty — that God takes an active interest in your life

You want to feel His presence in the middle of your hurting.

You need tools to help you calm your anxious thoughts when the world feels this heavy.

You’re longing to trust that He has a plan, even when you don’t know the plan.

What you need is a new way of seeing how God is with you.

In every single area of your life.

Introducing Tracking God 101

What if you could … 

learn how to look — really look — for God in the good, the bad, the mundane AND the adventure of life.

have a written record of God’s faithfulness, giving you tangible evidence that HE is present at all times.

keep your focus on Scriptures that God has given you and the ways He has answered prayers in the past.

live in the truth that “Life is hard AND God is incredible!”

“Tracking God in my daily life has really opened my eyes and allowed me to be more aware of how He cares about every single detail! Lori shares her heart and amazing tools to keep a really cool (but not intimidating) journal as you track God. “

Kelly Herring

Imagine having a focused way to process the challenges in your life.

In Tracking God 101, there’s an authentic atmosphere, without any “pat answers” or spiritual platitudes. So you can be real with what’s going on in your life.

Following a simple, step-by-step plan, you’ll set up your own Tracking God Journal so it’s organized and customized.

You’ll learn how to become more alert, noticing reminders of God’s love for you — everywhere you look.

And instead of constantly battling that negative headspace, you’ll discover effective ways to calm anxiety.

Lori has a gift of being able to go deep and acknowledge the hard without pulling me into a place I don’t want to go. It’s a unique gift.

Mary Lou Caskey

Meet Your Tracking God Coach: Lori Margo

I’ve always loved God with all my heart AND I’ve struggled to fully trust Him with every part of my life.

As a believer, I always want to be strong in my faith, no matter what I’m going through. 

And I’ve had some tough things come my way

    • my mom passed away when I was a young adult
    • waiting over 8 years for God to answer/give direction
    • had cancer 3 different times
    • some rough teenage years with high schoolers
    • a struggle to release my young adult children
    • and DECADES of searching for more of God

I’m sure you have your own list of life challenges, too!

Tracking God is what kept me sane and growing in my faith through all these difficulties. I now teach women to notice God in the details of their lives, so their faith is strengthened, too.

I’ll keep opening my journal and coaching you through some effective ways I’ve learned to track God.

Every page in my Tracking God journal is filled with the most important thing — Condensed. Concise. And repeatable. I have a new awareness of the great attention and detail in which God participates in our lives, and I’ve learned HOW to look for it.

Leslie Newman

What’s inside Tracking God 101

Tracking God 101 is a 4-week course. 

There’s a live teaching once a week:

    • Lesson 1- Let’s Track God Together: Getting Started
    • Lesson 2- Set up and Dedicate Your Journal
    • Lesson 3- Find Your Why With a Tracking Prayer
    • Lesson 4- Start a New Tracking page

You have the option of connecting with others who are tracking God, too.

You’ll receive a full set of printable journal pages.

And you’ll get regular eMail updates to keep you informed and inspired.

Each week, we’ll continue looking for God, stepping where He seems to be leading, and journaling as we go — using Tracking God techniques.

  • Begins: January 27th

  • Price: $47

Love to see you there!

“Having the Tracking God journal makes it easy to go back and find specific events and examples of God’s goodness in my life. It also serves as absolute proof that God is for me and that He is always working.”

Jenny Chiaramonte

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from making a gratitude list?

I get it. Random gratitude lists have never worked well for me. Anytime I do “just the list”, there’s a real disconnect. 

Tracking God is opening up a page of your journal and telling God, “I’m looking for you in this.” It’s recording the struggle AND embracing what God seems to be doing. We use Bible verses, faith quotes, and worship songs, along with taking notes on where you see God working in your life.

What if I’m not a journal-er?

Then Tracking God would be PERFECT FOR YOU!

I understand the burden of wondering what to write or reflect on in a notebook filled with blank pages.

For me, Tracking God is not a place where I take long, copious notes. It’s more like a few succinct sentences that summarize my time with the Lord each morning.

Plus, a full set of page templates is provided to help you know what to write.

How much time will this take?

Tracking God 101 is a 4-week course. Each week there will be a video lesson for you to watch.

Between lessons, there is a suggested “action step” to complete that takes about 10-20 minutes to do. 

What if I can’t make it to the LIVE teachings?

All lessons are recorded and emailed to you each week.

You can easily participate through email.

Are you ready to grow your faith?

You could keep struggling to muster up a shred of hope. You could keep missing the connections of God at work in your life. You could keep being highjacked by anxiety. You could keep feeling discouraged … and defeated.

Or …

You can learn to track the evidences of God. 

Discover a new way of seeing how He’s always with you.

Rest assured that He has a plan.

Learn to fully trust Him, in every single aspect of your life.

There’s truly nothing better than seeing the surprising presence of God and tracking the threads of His faithfulness as you learn to trust Him in the journey.

Tracking God 101 starts January 27th.

“Tracking God’s faithfulness in my life is what makes for an intimate relationship with Him. I can trust Him with my biggest hurts, problems and concerns as well as my small ones. I have “tracking history” that reminds me that God is good to me. He cares for ME and of course… all of us.”

Susan Hurley

“I find total delight in our precious God.

Seeing traces of him anywhere at all utterly brings me joy and reminds me of his love for me and total assurance that he’s with me every step of the way.”

Raquel Guerra

“I’ve always known Jesus was calling me to be in His Word, but I’ve lacked direction and motivation. Since joining this group, I am so much more motivated to go sit with Jesus and my Tracking God journal, knowing He SEES me and wants to use me!”

Laura Miller