I’m a terrible passenger.

It’s true, and my whole family can tell you stories of how obnoxious I can be. And in my defense, I can’t really help it.

It comes down to my way of managing fear… and possibly… needing to be in control. (a-hem.)

When Olivia was younger, I planned a fun outing for her and her cousin Jacksen. As we prepared to leave, both of them headed for the very back seats of my minivan. They thought they were pretty cool sitting so far away from me as they buckled their 7 year-old selves in, barely able to see out the small windows.

When we were 10 minutes from our destination, Jacksen decided I needed some help navigating the final leg of our journey. He began ‘helping’ me with suggestions on which lane I should be in, where my freeway exit might be, how and when to merge off the freeway, along with best, desirable speed limit recommendations.

I was stunned, thinking— he’s a terrible passenger.

For one thing, I planned this trip. I KNOW the route and destination. And, practically speaking, I had everything needed to properly navigate the trip: the plan, the place, speed limit gauges, rearview mirrors as well as side mirrors.

And probably the most important thing…

I had a wider vision compared to his can’t-see-out-this-tiny-back-window vision. His view was limited due to his size and location in the vehicle.

Wider vision verses limited vision.

There have been so many times in my life where I behaved much like my young nephew. I had a plan and proceeded to let God know how to drive my life, shouting orders from the limited view of the backseat.

It can be so hard to trust him!

It can be so hard to trust his timing!


Wider vision vs limited vision.

God sees and knows the plan he has for us.

I don’t want to be a terrible passenger when riding with Eddie (Lord help us all)… and I really don’t want to be a terrible passenger in trusting God with the destination of my life.

Over and over again he has been so faithful, even as I fought (okay… FIGHT) for control.

I’ve shared this prayer of surrender before, but it truly is what I come back to again and again. It goes like this:

Feel free to pray that prayer with me as you learn to trust God’s plan for your life.


You could state it more simply and just say (cue music)…

Jesus take the wheel!


Jeremiah 29:11a  “For I know the plans I have for you…”