My mom was beautiful— graceful, classy in a down-to-earth sort of way. She was quiet, sometimes distant… holding in so many childhood wounds. She passed away at age 46 after a weary battle with cancer. I’ll never forget the day she called me into the kitchen to tell me she had breast cancer. The lump was large and very hard. She teared up as she admitted to not being diligent with yearly doctor appointments. Staring me in the eyes, she made me promise to consistently go to annual exams.

Two years later she was gone.

I was only 22.

This week is Jessica’s birthday and  she is turning 22. She’s young, vibrant, FULL OF LIFE, with all her dreams ahead of her. It’s hitting me hard… I was so young when my mom died, and she missed my whole adult life.

Mother’s Day can be difficult for so many, including me. But… I am SO thankful for my mom… to have known her for 22 years. To have watched her grow in her faith, forgive her mom, gain inner confidence. These memories are vivid! I had a front row, up-close-personal seat to the transforming work of God in her life, and it was amazingly profound.

So that’s a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day!

I’m thankful for life.

Thankful for 22 years with my mom.

SO thankful for Jessica’s 22 years!


Just for fun… I’m linking to Taylor Swift’s song… 22. She and Jessica have matching fedoras! How cute is that?! And… Jess has the same red, heart-shaped sunglasses.

These are my favorite lines:

We’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way. It’s miserable and magical.