Years ago, I worked at a Christian school with a principal who would sometimes end her prayer with this beautiful sentence:

 “May you be surprised by splashes of God’s presence this week.”

 I love, love, LOVE that!

Recently I had an amazing conversation with a friend who was just coming out of QUITE the season. She shared with me what God has been doing in her life through SO many unknowns. As she prayed and journaled about all the issues, it was as if she felt God saying— 

 “Well now. THAT will take some faith.”

Can’t you just picture God saying this ⤴  with a twinkle in His eyes as an invitation to trust Him?


Are you in that kind of season right now?

A heavy season of longing to be surprised by splashes of God’s presence?

As you pray for those things that seem insurmountable, is God whispering to you,

 “Well now. THAT will take some faith.”


Friend, think of it as your personal invitation to stretch your faith muscles and look for Him to fill you with what your faith needs right now.

One thing I often do when tracking God during a well-that-will-take-some-faith” situation, is I find a quote or definition to encourage my faith.

Here are a few of my most recent favorites:

  1. Faith is a journeying with no map but God alone. (Ann Voskamp)
  2. Faith is the journey of clinging trust. (Ann Voskamp)        
  3. Faith is a long journey in the same direction of looking for AND finding God’s Presence where I least expected it. (Lori Margo)
  4. Choosing to believe BY FAITH until faith becomes sight. (Lori Margo)
  5. Faith is the refusal to panic. (Dennis Rainey)
Which one ministers to you most as you think of what your faith needs right now?


If you’d like to try doing this along with me, choose one of the quotes above to write in your journal or on a 3×5 card.

I’d love to know which one you pick.

In the comments, type in the number of the quote that resonates most with you. 


And I’ll reply with the one that’s ministering to me right now.


As your faith is being stretched, flexed, and tested, may YOU be surprised by splashes of God’s presence THIS week.