What an incredible week I am having!

And by incredible, I mean… incredibly blessed AND INCREDIBLY HARD!


For months now, I have wanted to find a way to go deeper with the message of Tracking God: Seeing the Surprising Presence of God in Uncertain Times. It truly sums up the message of my heart… looking for God in the messiness of life!

AND… finding him!

That’s the somewhat magical part! In the hardest seasons of life, God is there. When I pause to redirect my focus and gain perspective, I’m able to SEE Him working in the details—leading me, guiding me, and walking beside me.

Today as I’m preparing for next week, I’m walking a weird tightrope of trying to balance excitement and fear… and not fall off! To calm my thoughts down, I finally grabbed my trusty, black, bullet journal and turned to the page called Tracking God… in Tracking God Ministry. (I know… it’s a brilliant title! Hah!)

Simultaneously, I clicked on my Pandora app to play worship music in the background as I re-read my journey so far, AND added a couple times from this week where I have SEEN God working in my life through this.

The melody to No Longer a Slave to Fear began playing and I began crying.

As some of you know, it’s our song… Jesus and me. It’s the song that ministered to me EXPONENTIALLY a few years back when faced with a recurrence of cancer.

The next song, Do it Again, is special to me because I played it for the ladies at a retreat two years ago when I spoke FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME about how I track God.


I’m over here, pretty emotional, adding that info to my journal while thanking God for showing Himself to be with me in this.

He’s. So. Faithful!!



Getting back on track (pun TOTALLY intended!)…

I went LIVE on my Facebook page yesterday to talk a little more about the Tracking God Challenge and found a way to post it here. This will give you an idea of what I’m planning for next week.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. It would be my absolute honor to have you join! 

Click HERE to sign up.❤️

I’m also including link to No Longer a Slave to Fear.  My FAVORITE line is toward the end when the female singer belts out, “Full of faith”!

Have a blessed week as you walk full of faith into all God has for you!