Guest blogpost by Cheri Fletcher

When you remember the ways God has led you in the past, what happens?

Your faith is affirmed.

Your hope is renewed.

Your trust is strengthened

In this week’s podcast, Lori Margo shared how she tracks God’s presence in her life … and in her pain.

Lori’s commitment to letting God know I see You resonates with me.

Her message inspired me to look back over my year to date. This has been one of the hardest years I have ever experienced, and it is not over.

But when I take the time to look, I can see God so clearly.

In October of last year, I felt lead to choose the word resilience for my 2020 word of the year. As I share this with you, I am wincing. My idea for a year of resilience would be actively putting in place all ideas I had planned.

I clearly understand now that I am only able to obtain true resilience when I surrender all. This has been my only option.

In January, my husband and I were hit head-on by a truck as the driver lost control and spun into our lane. My car was totaled, but all of us involved walked away.

Looking back now, I can say:  God, I see you

In February, a nursing home that my husband manages (yes that nursing home) was the first place in the US to have a COVID-19 outbreak.

What the media did not show you is the community of Kirkland tying blue ribbons on all the trees around the nursing home, area churches feeding our staff two meals a day for three months, and the piles of encouraging letters we received.

God, I see you

In April, my daughter tore her ACL, and in May I flew back to Nashville to help her with surgery and recovery. I was so glad that she was still under our insurance – with only 30 days left. I was also glad that she made it into surgery even in the middle of a pandemic. I am happy that she is recovering very well.

God, I see you

In June my son and two friends were in a severe single car accident. By all accounts nobody should have survived. All three lived! While I was interviewing Lori for this week’s podcast, my son was in the room and her story really touched him as he applied the concept of tracking God to his new testimony.

God, I see you

My faith has been affirmed as I have tracked God in every one of these situations.

My hope is renewed as I know He has a plan for me.

My trust has been strengthened as I have come to understand I will only find true resilience when I surrender.

Now it’s your turn.

Take a moment to look back over your year thus far. Ask yourself:

How has God been with me? 

Where can I trace evidence back to Him?

Then, if you’re comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments what you’ve learned by tracking God in 2020.


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