“Show me your ways, O Lord…” Psalm 25:4

What an eye-opening experience it has been as I’ve made this simple phrase the focus of how I pray each day. The past few days I’ve been praying it with an emphasis on ME. (Hah! Sounds a bit to true-to-life.)

Last week I prayed the line as SHOW me your ways.

This week: Show ME your ways.

It’s truly amazing how praying this slowly and intentionally has had such an impact on ME.

Show ME your ways.


Not necessarily all the people I’m praying for, but ME.

For example, I have young adult children that I would love to control, including a lot of unsolicited advice about their lives.

I know. You, too!


This can quickly turn into anxiety as my mind highlights all the things I think they should or should not be doing.

As I prayed ‘show ME’… an interesting shift began to happen in my thoughts. I need to ‘stay in MY lane’ and focus on God changing ME—not others— making MY heart available for God’s purposes.

I’m called to love God and love others.

I’m not called to manipulate or control.

Show ME your ways…

I’m learning to give up my instructions to God and ask him to do his will …in his way… at his time.

Trust His purposes more than my own perceptions.

I’m also thinking of all those amazing qualities of God that I desperately need in MY life: compassion, mercy, slow to anger, long-suffering… to name just a few!

God, please show ME more of you that I may be able to love others well. Help ME be an encourager, trusting you with all those I love.

Psalm 25:5 ends with, “MY hope is in YOU all. day. long.”

THAT, my friends, is the goal… knowing where our hope for each day comes from.

I would absolutely love to know your thoughts on this as I’m putting together a devotional on praying this way. Please leave a comment or email me at lori@lorimargo.com with ideas, reactions, or verses that may have crossed your mind.

(Resources used: Live a Praying Life by Jennifer Kennedy Dean)