Let’s just do a little weight-loss update. I can summarize my progress in a short phrase:

Some weight was lost, and now I’m completely stalled.

There. I said it. Hah!

What is wrong with me?

Here are the facts:  I’ve been actively pursuing this trying-to-lose-weight thing for a year, and have only lost l5 pounds. BUT, in the last 5 months I’ve lost… (very loud and dramatic drumroll…) 1 pound.

One pound.


I’m not trying to be unrealistic about this. I actually would like to lose 10 more pounds which would put me at the weight I used to FREAK OUT about and quickly join a weight-loss program.

See. Very reasonable. A complete reality check of where I am in life.

AND, in all honesty, my main goal is to simply feel better, have energy and be more productive.

It’s driving me crazy that I can’t commit to eating just a few less calories and NOT eating so much junk food and processed foods, also known as a quick fix! (That really doesn’t fix anything!)

This is the picture that jolted me out of cruise control a little over a year ago.

My roommate from college was visiting, and we were trying to re-create an old college pic.  We laughed so hard, thoroughly enjoying the moment while simultaneously reliving the past.


I saw the picture and about fell over. I knew it was time to be intentional and make some changes.

Year One has been a slow meandering through the weight-loss minefield, but I have kept my eye on the goal without completely quitting. My focus is now on Year Two and these are my thoughts on staying the course:

How to Fight for Your Breakthrough

1.  Look for what is working

Focus on the positive growth, taking time to notice the small changes. SLOW does not mean NO… it just means… slow.

2.  Find your WHY

THIS is key. Why do you want and/or need this breakthrough? Write it out and be able to articulate it, possibly just to yourself, but know the ultimate target you are aiming for.

3.  Find someone to encourage you

Enlist help from a mentor, friend, coach, group… anyone who is a bit farther down the road than you, and is having success. 

4.  Ask Jesus for help

Losing weight has become a very spiritual journey for me. It’s a matter of trust. Do I trust him enough to follow where he leads? Do I trust him enough with my emotions, struggles? Do I trust him enough to turn to him to fill me, nurture me, comfort me?  I love this verse: “… I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”  John 6:35

Are you familiar with The Passion Translation of the Bible? A friend just recently introduced me to it and it’s so good! Here’s a portion of the same verse in the Passion:

“…Come every day to me and you will never be hungry…”  


The struggle is real and I’m working on it! I refuse to obsess about it (thus the SLOW going) and I’m not giving up.

“My weak places frustrate me. And yet I refuse to resign that I can’t ever change.” (Lysa Terkeurst in Finding I Am)