My friend is not doing well.

This post was to be about relationships, and how important it is to not allow toxic thoughts to clutter our interactions with those closest to us, but…

My friend is just not doing well.

Life seemed to stop this weekend as the events unfolded in which my friend found herself in a surprising medical crisis. There are many unknowns at this point, and all of us who love her, just want to be with her.

Nothing else matters.

I had the absolute privilege to sit with her a few hours over the weekend (always on her left side because she is unable to move her head due to extreme dizziness and being nauseous) and KNEW… this was the most productive thing I could be doing. My whole goal of decluttering and getting organized is to be more productive, so this sitting and doing so-called “nothing” was actually meeting my goal in a very specific, personal way.

My weary friend at one point whispered, “I know you have a lot to do and I don’t want to keep you from anything… you probably had something in mind you wanted to declutter today.” Hah! THIS is why she is one of the most incredible friends I have… ALWAYS thinking of others, self-less… even in her pain. I just had to laugh and let her know she wasn’t getting rid of me that easily!

Later that day, I took the time to go through a box of snow clothes we have had stuffed in our storage closet for decades. We recently pulled it out to see if there was anything Olivia could wear on an upcoming trip to the snow with the youth group.  I sat on the floor with snow gear of varying sizes all around me. Again, I wondered… why does it take me so long to do deal with my stuff? Why was I hanging on to toddler size snow boots when my youngest child is 11? While the smaller clothes are ADORABLE, they serve absolutely no purpose in this season of our lives.

So, my encouragement to you… choose at least one box of seasonal stuff to go through AND… go to coffee with a friend!

Not necessarily in that order!!

And… pray for my friend. You would love her!!