Sometimes I am too sequential for my own good, so it’s hard to write this post because I haven’t finished talking about my surgery and what led up to it.

But… I need to just write from my heart today, in real time, with real current struggles.

I am SO uncomfortable in SO many ways right now.  I’m 10 days post-surgery and the discomfort is at an all time high.  It is discouraging, to say the least!

I have several buggy issues going on and I cannot seem to get relief. I will spare you the details, but let’s just say— my butt hurts! Sorry!

The physical discomfort is affecting everything else at this point. I’m behind in everything (no pun intended- haha) and participating in the fair this week has maxed out my schedule. I am unable to exercise, and I’m not home long enough to clean house. Jessica had a rough week, which means I’m feeling it emotionally. I received a random phone message from radiology wanting to schedule a CT scan and I have no idea if this is a mistake of if my doctor ordered ANOTHER one. I have tons of curriculum to review for our homeschool co-op starting next week. There’s just A LOT of discomfort over here in A LOT of different areas!

This morning I decided to go back to square one and religiously follow my doctor’s post-surgery directions. I have been somewhat haphazardly following them because I felt pretty good last week. I think it has caught up to me, and in order to get relief, I must go back to the basics.

I could insert a whole devotional on that topic alone!

I was driving home from the store, armed with the “basic relief pack of supplies” when Olivia called me. I could tell she wanted to say something, but was struggling to get it out. Finally, through tears, she began telling me how she was playing worship music and begin crying and talking to God.

Now Olivia isn’t a perfect child… I could tell you stories of some pretty big stuff we’ve had to deal with in her life… BUT… she is a super sensitive kid who genuinely loves God with all her heart.

She said to me, “It was amazing, mom. I kept saying I trust you, God, and could not stop praying and crying.”

The minute I walked in the back door she wanted to play the song she had been listening to. She could not stop hugging me and crying and saying how much she trusts God.

This brought me SO MUCH comfort!

I took it all in as a personal message to ME from God. He is with me… and my whole family. And even though it’s hard and uncomfortable, I want to keep saying— I trust you, Lord.

Just like Olivia.

So… I am heading out the door to help with the football snack bar this afternoon, followed by sitting through the JV and Varsity games.  I pray I am blessing to others and can bring a little bit of encouragement and comfort to their lives.

It will be a long afternoon, but… I choose to worship God and in spite of momentary discomfort, I will say, “I trust you, Lord.”