The first test I had to have done was a CT scan. For most people, that is not a big deal. For me, well, let’s face it, EVERYTHING is a big deal. But, really… it’s challenging for me because my doctor wanted a scan with contrast which means an IV will be happening. It is SUPER hard to start an IV on me. I’ve been told I have small veins that roll away.

A month prior, I had been in for the colonoscopy that started this whole UNFOLDING. The nurse thought she had a good vein, stabbed me, fiddled with it and then removed the needle as I wanted to either scream or faint. She then called in two other nurses and the three of them simultaneously slapped my arms and hands to awaken my uncooperative veins. THEN the original nurse thought she found a decent vein and went for it. She got it and I got two GIANT bruises that lasted over a week. You should have seen me at barre (my morning exercise class) trying to hide those bruises! Ballet never looked so ugly!

Anyway… back to the scan…

I had to sign in and register at the front of the hospital. The lady helping me said, “So the procedure today will be $3,600.”

Wait. WHAT?!

I calmly informed her that I had insurance and she calmly informed me THAT was the price AFTER insurance paid their part.

I couldn’t even respond. She gave me a phone number of someone who could help me figure out how to pay this most unexpected bill.

Next, I was sent to radiology and began drinking the contrast. Olivia, my 10 year old, was with me waiting for my friend, Janet, to swing by and pick her up. Janet was taking Olivia to ride the mountain train at Roaring Camp. Olivia was excited to get to meet up with her new friend, Claire, and Claire’s little brother, Jude.


Jude adores me because he thinks I own my very own bus. He’s almost 2 years old and we met him at Yosemite this summer. When he spotted our RV parked next to his campsite, he decided right then and there that Eddie and I were super cool.

Ahhhh. Love that kid.

IMG_4109 IMG_5880


Olivia was busy on my ipad when a nurse came out to get me to start the IV. As I followed him back, I began my over-rehearsed speech about how tricky it is to start an IV on me. He replied, “Oh, I’ve done a MILLION of these. I’m not worried.”

Here is EXACTLY what went through my mind: Well, great. I will now be the one whom God uses in YOUR life to teach YOU humility.

And sure enough… two painful attempts and two HUGE bruises.


I was sent back to the waiting room with the IV taped on my arm. I was concerned that this might upset Olivia, but then again, that would mean she would have to look up from the ipad to NOTICE!

I made it through the scan just fine and Olivia had a super fun day with Claire and Jude-the-Dude.

While this post has been on the light-hearted side, I want you to know that God answered a BIG prayer. A few days after the scan, I received a note from our insurance company saying they were covering ALL but $260 of the $3,600 bill.


That NEVER happens.

What an unexpected blessing!

I Peter 3:8-9 says… “Finally, ALL of you, live in harmony with one another; (then Peter lists what that would look like)…

  • be sympathetic
  • love as brothers
  • be compassionate
  • be humble (thinking of a certain radiology nurse! hah!)
  • do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult (oops.  I might have just done that in my comment above)
  • repay with a BLESSING

Because to this you WERE CALLED.”

I have felt this verse in a strong way this past week.  It was a risk for me to share my thoughts on what is unfolding for me because it’s very personal and I have no idea HOW it will unfold.  But… the community of connection that has been extended to me is OVERWHELMING.  I have felt the sympathy from SO many, the brotherly (and/or sisterly) love and compassion.  Many have shared with such vulnerability what they are facing right now and I am able to reciprocate the offer to pray.  Be humble the verse says!  That vulnerability is humility.

The final phrase of I Peter 3:9 says, “…so that you may INHERIT a blessing.”  

I. Am. Blessed.  And so are you.

Jude-the-Dude’s mom sent me this text yesterday:  “Every time Jude talks about ‘Lowi’ and the bus, we pray for you!  So like 5-10 times a day!!”

Here’s a closing pic just to make you smile.

Blessings from me… and Jude-the-Dude!