(written on my 25th anniversary June 9, 2009)

It was one of the most tender moments of my life.  Literally, a "words cannot describe,"… "time stood still"… kind of moment.  Eddie was standing in the driveway as I pulled up from my early morning workout.  As we embraced each other, it hit.  We both were struck at the same time with the same, equal emotions.  We held each other and peacefully cried.

Being married 25 years is an amazing accomplishment.  Not only because you are still together, as in not divorced, but because you are still together as in both alive.  The last year had been a tumultuous ride in the cancer world and we were grateful to be holding each other on this very special anniversary.

Eddie and I had been at a loss on how to celebrate our special day.  We were unable to plan a big getaway due to the treatments I was undergoing and the potential treatments soon to come.  There were no concrete answers to how I would be feeling or what was around the next corner.  It was a bit depressing because you definitely want to mark this anniversary with something you'll remember the rest of your life.

Ecclesiastes 11:8 states that "however many years a man (woman) shall live, let him (her) enjoy them all."  God was working with me on this point.  Celebrate life.  Appreciate life.  Live life and feel life.  Soak it all in and trust God with everything because "His banner over me is love."  Song of Songs 2:46.  For me, that verse applies so well to Ed, also.  He loves me, protects me and so graciously walks through life, even cancer, with me.  He stands out to not only me but all who know him.  Song of Songs 5:10 also perfectly describes him;  "My lover is radiant and ruddy – outstanding among ten thousand."  

When someone asks me how we celebrated our 25th anniversary or what gift Eddie gave me, I'll have to fight back the tears as I answer.  You see, our love for each other truly is indescribable and that tender moment we shared was worth more than any card, gift or trip we could have planned.  Eddie is the gift and he is worth celebrating.  

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