(more of my cancer story…)

"There's a healer in the house tonight." the speaker was shouting.  "What's his name?"  The crowd began to exuberantly reply with the name of the special guest when they seemed to catch themselves and quickly change their answer to, "Jesus."  We began to giggle about all the unintended hype going on around us while growing in our own anticipation of what God might do in us this evening.

Eddie and I along with some very special friends were attending a miracle service of a well known evangelist.  We were all there with great expectations of encountering God and His healing power.  The theme of the night was to pursue your miracle, to fight for it, and faith is how you do that.  I found myself crying out to God, expressing my faith and hounding Him for my miracle.  It was a great evening, though I had no explosive, confirming moment that God had touched me.  

The next morning at church I was in my usual spot at the keyboard as a pastor was leading out in prayer.  I began praying, pursuing my miracle, saying to God, "Don't forget me."  I had seen so many people touched the night before that I wanted to remind God – I need that touch, too.  It was a moment of "yoo-hoo…remember me?"

Just then, and I mean, just then – two hands were placed on my shoulders.  Someone was crying out to God for me and I became completely overwhelmed with His presence.  The tears were flowing and God was personally ministering to me.  Prayer time ended and I had just a moment to quickly glance at my personal angel before the service continued.  

Later that day I had a chance to talk with my friend who had been Jesus to me.  She said that even though it was somewhat embarrassing to her to leave the choir loft and walk over to me at my instrument, she knew she had to obey God.  Now remember, my prayer had been simply, "Don't forget me."  With that in mind, she went on to say that God wants me to know He is here with me and He loves me so much.

"But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength."  2 Timothy 4:17

I am not forgotten.  God is working in my life.  There IS a healer in the house and He's standing right beside me.

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