Hey friend,


I see you as you battle anxiety each and every day.

So many days you’re left feeling discouraged and overwhelmed from the struggle.

The toll it takes on your ability to think clearly, can be all consuming. And frankly, it can highjack your days!

When there seems to be no answer or relief in sight, it’s easy to get in a negative headspace, losing sight of who God is.

I’ve had those days of thoughts spinning in my mind like a hamster wheel of negativity, and that’s a challenging cycle to break free from.


I see you wondering, “WHAT is going on?!?”

It’s been a journey for me in trusting God with my biggest hurts … along with the daily problems and concerns.

The obstacles can lead to dark days of wondering where God is in all the pieces of life.

Perhaps you find yourself missing the connections and patterns of God’s faithfulness in your life.

I promise: They are there.

In the midst of focusing on what is going wrong, it’s easy to lose sight of who God is and miss His presence in your life.

We need those “God moments” of seeing the personal thread of His faithfulness to us.

God IS in the details.


I see you doing your best to focus.

… especially in the times that we’re living in!

This past year has derailed so many of us as we’ve wrestled with the painful questions of Why, God? and Where are you, God?

The hurts have been great and the focus, at times, nonexistent.

It’s been months of learning to trust God with every detail… when the answers seem so blurred and distant.

It’s draining!


It makes you feel like you’re failing.

What a struggle to train our focus and awareness to the One who truly loves to participate in our lives.


I get it.