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It’s the Thought that Counts: Letting Go of Mental Clutter

It was time. With much resolve, I lugged the encyclopedias down the stairs. After years of collecting dust on the living room bookshelves, I had moved them to our office… also known as… let’s-throw-everything-in here-we don’t-want-to-make-tough-decisions-about-room.  The encyclopedias had been a costly investment, but basically, they were beautifully unused. That’s an eloquent way of saying…Continue Reading “It’s the Thought that Counts: Letting Go of Mental Clutter”

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Letting Go of Clutter to Move Forward in Faith and Purpose

Happy New Year! … Or is it Happy New Year’s?? I’ve heard both, and now find myself over-thinking which is the correct greeting. Help clearing that up would be greatly appreciated. Seriously! This past year has been a turning point for me in many ways. I reached a place where I knew things had toContinue Reading “Letting Go of Clutter to Move Forward in Faith and Purpose”


Lessons from the Stand: Turning an Overwhelming Situation into a Fun Adventure

So it’s been a while since I’ve written because I basically fell into a post football season stupor and am just now beginning to emerge and function in the world like a real person. …I totally borrowed that opening line from one of my favorite bloggers — only she had “book launch” where I insertedContinue Reading “Lessons from the Stand: Turning an Overwhelming Situation into a Fun Adventure”

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Smiling Through Pain

Let’s start with the biggest news of all from my most recent Stanford appointment. This is, well… basically… HUGE! Are you sitting down? Ready?? I WAS ABLE TO SLIDE MY WEDDING RING OFF BEFORE THE PROCEDURE!!  Hah! Forgive me for all the build-up, but this is a really big deal. If you’ve followed my blogContinue Reading “Smiling Through Pain”


The (Not-So) Glory Days of High School

Last weekend, for me, was JAM-PACKED. I have to insert “for me” because I have become such a wimp with how much I can handle these days. I am battling a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and having NO energy.  There are reasons for this — many of which are out of my control —Continue Reading “The (Not-So) Glory Days of High School”


Walking with Friends Through Cancer

It’s my friend’s birthday today and I just keep thinking about her and all she did for me 8 years ago as I walked through scary times with a cancer diagnosis. This is one story that made me smile in the middle of facing my biggest fear. (summer 2009) My friend had her blinker on,Continue Reading “Walking with Friends Through Cancer”