The (Not-So) Glory Days of High School

Last weekend, for me, was JAM-PACKED. I have to insert “for me” because I have become such a wimp with how much I can handle these days. I am battling a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and having NO energy.  There are reasons for this — many of which are out of my control — BUT… many are very much dependent on choices I make in three specific areas: diet, exercise, and rest. (Included in the “rest” category would be Bible study, prayer, sleep and good ‘ole down time.)

I blew it in all three areas leading up to the weekend!

Because of my poor choices, I was not able to navigate the highs and lows of what was coming my way… and… CRASHED.

Friday night began with a high school reunion of sorts. A close friend from back-in-the-day persuaded me to meet her. We both decided it would be a great opportunity to visit even if the alumni program ended up being a flop.

ONE other guy from our class showed up. I have absolutely no connection to him— basically steered clear of him in high school because he was a wild mess! Fast forward 35 years (shocking… I KNOW!) and he’s completely turned his life around.

The three of us ended up talking in the parking lot two extra hours and had the BEST time reminiscing and catching up.

So surprising!

Keeping with the reunion theme… I was able to see my life-long friend, Carma, the next day. She moved away several years ago and I miss her like crazy! She makes me laugh like no other! Such a fun day visiting and, of course, LAUGHING.

While I was re-living my high school glory days, Cory was reminding me of how GLAD I am to NOT be in high school anymore! He made a few decisions that sent me reeling and wondering what he was up to.

THAT was where I lost the battle in my mind and allowed fear to grip me.

By the time Sunday came around and we were headed to church, I was a disaster—physically and emotionally exhausted. Absolutely defeated.


God is loving, full of grace and extremely kind to me. Guess what song the worship team was singing as I walked in.

MY song! (As so many of you now call it.)

I’m no longer a slave to fear!

The first line says…

“You unravel me…”

That instantly had my attention. What does it mean to be unraveled by God? I definitely had come unraveled in life circumstances, but God was willing to disentangle me from my out-of-whack emotions. To unravel literally means to set free.

I stood there next to Cory and could not stop crying. I had clearly put back on the shackles of fear, making myself a slave to it, and God was offering a release.

I, again, purposed to walk by faith, keeping my eyes on Jesus.

And… just for the record… Cory hadn’t done any of the things I was imagining. Fear had taken me down a destructive path of vain imaginations. The more we talked, the more I realized he was making tough choices for all the right reasons.


My encouragement to you is:

1. eat good, healthy food

2. exercise often… and…

3. REST!

Rest in knowing you are a child of God. Let him unravel you.


















2 thoughts on “The (Not-So) Glory Days of High School”

  1. I am so happy to be DONE with High school, some of the worst years of my life! I could so relate to your post. Yes, that is one way it happens, we run ourselves into the ground keeping busy and not having enough rest-prayer, bible, etc.-and then fear has a nasty way of getting a hook. I find I have to allow myself rest everyday and not just once a day but at least two to three times a day. I start with the morning, a quite time of prayer, journaling, reading (not always done, no one is perfect), and then I love a short afternoon nap with my little dog who is just delighted to have some company on the couch (basically another warm body), and then by 8:00 I tell myself to STOP, to just relax, watch TV, cruise fun youtube channels, talk to the kids, play a game, do a puzzle, something that is not working. And then try, try, try to go to bed by 9:30 or so and not stay up later only to regret that in the morning at 5am when my clock goes off to feed animals (not always successful). The older I get, the more downtime I need or is it the older I get, the more wise I get and REALIZE the value in rest. I would like to think it is the latter and not age 🙂 But really, I do think that resting is one of most important keys to being close to God and having his protection on our hearts and minds. Satan just loves tired souls so we dare not give him a foothold, as much as possible in our imperfect ways.

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