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Smiling Through Pain

Let’s start with the biggest news of all from my most recent Stanford appointment. This is, well… basically… HUGE!

Are you sitting down?



Forgive me for all the build-up, but this is a really big deal. If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you know I reference this extremely buggy issue often.

But…I have lost 10 lbs. …and being able to avoid the awkward conversation with the nurses of why I can’t take my ring off was HEAVEN. And hopefully the weight loss will continue and begin to show up in other places besides my ring finger!

This procedure required an IV and THAT turned into a comedy of not-so-funny errors. The first nurse about KILLED me with several failed attempts. She discreetly slipped away and nurse Donna gave it a few unsuccessful tries. Donna decided to send for Dan who is their best guy for challenging patients.

Meanwhile, I quickly got Ed’s attention, asking him to send out an IV-SOS-text for prayer to Wendy and Kelly because I was now nauseous and faint— not to mention BRUISED and hurting. The problem, however, is Ed is not a fast texter:  He over-thinks his wording and spelling before he will send anything. In the chaos of the moment, I SWEAR he asked me how to spell “IV.”  Hah!

Before the infamous Dan could arrive, an older nurse named Dixie stepped in to give it a try. Donna tried to persuade her to wait for Dan, but Dixie was determined! Donna literally leaned over me and whispered, “I apologize in advance for what is about to happen.”

Oh my!!

Funny thing… Dixie got it.  First try.  No bruising.

I also had a mammogram followed by an ultrasound.  Not my favorite appointment for a number of reasons… mainly, my mom died of breast cancer and I find myself fighting twinges of fear and being super sad when these times come up.

During the ultrasound, the technician suddenly stopped the screening and with a concerned tone in her voice said, “I need to get someone to look at this.”

She abruptly left the room and I was lying there with instant tears, thinking, “This is it.  They’re gonna say I have breast cancer just like my mom.”

My mom was beautiful— reserved, classy, graceful. I feel TOTALLY ripped off to not know her through the different seasons of life. I really miss her and Mother’s Day weekend is a nice opportunity to write about her, reminding the world that Devona Dean Polk lived and was a remarkable person! Sometimes I wonder if God took her home early (age 46) because she had finally worked through all her past pain… kind of like ending on a note of joy and emotional wholeness. I don’t know. I’m not God and let’s just reiterate my life mantra yet again: I trust him. Period.

The two technicians entered the room and began fiddling with the computer screen. Within minutes the problem was diagnosed… an equipment malfunction which was never about me at all. If the original technician hadn’t been so grumpy, I would have pointed out that after reviewing a patient’s medical history, one should not run from the room stating you need someone to look at this!

Finally, many of you have asked about Eddie’s shoulder since his driveway-motorcycle accident. It hurts and is still not quite right. I don’t want to flat out say it’s an emergency situation, BUT… he’s unable to massage my neck and shoulders because of the pain, so… it’s pretty critical he deals with it!

Seriously, I keep encouraging him to follow-up on it because his future well-being and livelihood depend on it and it’s just not any fun to be in pain.

Speaking of pain, I hope Mother’s Day is a nice day for you. I KNOW it can be hard for a variety of reasons. There was a time in my life when my mom had passed away AND I was just finding out I was unable to have kids. On Mother’s Day the emotional pain was simply TOO MUCH!! If you will be attending a church service where they ask all the moms to stand up and you are struggling with becoming a mom…as Nurse Donna would say, “I apologize in advance for what is about to happen!”

I do pray you find a reason to smile through life’s challenges and are able to bring some joy and laughter to those around you.

You can always borrow a line from Eddie and ask someone how to spell “IV”!!








9 thoughts on “Smiling Through Pain”

  1. It was good to read about your mom. I didn’t realize that she had passed at such a young age. When we were in Watsonville we were in our twenties. I thought she and your dad were old then 🙂 Good memories. We looked up to your parents and enjoyed playing games with your family. Even the little rug rats.

    1. Dewayne, You are so funny! Those are such great memories! Doug and I always loved when you guys came over with Ray and Freida (Freita??).

  2. Again and again Lori you come up with these stories filled with humor interwoven into the seriousness of life. Every story leads to inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Hope the book will be coming out soon! … I thought it was Ivee. No?

    1. Thank you, Dave, for following my journey and always being so encouraging! And I’m pretty sure it’s Eye-Vee. Hah!

  3. Lori thank you for clarifying how to spell IV, like Dave, I was a bit unsure 🙂

    Oh I love to wake up to a good laugh early in the morning. Sitting in my quiet kitchen, still dark outside, drinking my hot tea before I meet the cold morning air and greet neighing horses, enjoying your humor yet touching the edges of pain…thank you Lori. You are a blessing.

    Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful Mom!

    1. April, I always enjoy your comments so much! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I will see you tomorrow night.

  4. You are altogether precious. I was blessed to know your beautiful mom. My heart fills with love for you and your beautiful family . Mike and I were so happy to see you at the MV event. It made our night. God bless you, and fill you with His unexpected joy and miracle blessings. You are so loved, Cheryl aubuchon

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for your sweet words and I agree… my mom was beautiful. It was great to chat with you and Mike the other night. You guys are always so warm and friendly!!

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