Repeat After Me

I have to interrupt the unfolding of my details to talk about today. I have several doctor appointments and tests from the last three weeks I want to mention, but…


Sometimes God just presses the pause button on life to make sure WE know HE is with us.

My family and I went to church this morning. I’d like to tell you we walked in beaming with the love of God and each other, but that doesn’t accurately describe the Sunday morning get-out-the-door ritual. I mean, we absolutely love God and each other, but the trek from the car to the building is where we regain our composure and put on our happy, church-going-family face. Let’s just say the home departure included excessive honking, snappy comments and a touch of over-acceleration. But we made it and sat in what is becoming our usual spot.

It was a great service.  At the very end, the worship team came back to lead in a closing song. I didn’t recognize the song from the opening chords, but when they started singing the words:

You unravel me

With a melody

You surround me with a song

Of deliverance

From my enemies

Til all my fears are gone


I am a child of God

They were singing my song!!

The song I linked to on my last post.

I jabbed Eddie in the leg. I had played the song for him the night before and narrated how I felt about each part of it. The moment felt like it was God’s personal message to ME.  As if a spotlight was shining down and He had asked these hundreds of people to sing MY proclamation back to ME.

I HAD to stand and just soak it all in.  Others were feeling the same way and pockets of people were beginning to respond all over the room.

I love the declarations at the end of the song when the singer almost screams,

“I AM a child of God.”

And my very favorite line is when she sings-screams…



Repeat after me:

God is always good.

And I am always loved.

I AM a child of God.


No longer a slave to fear.

And in case you missed it, here’s God’s personal message to you:

Step into the spotlight and let Him love you.





15 thoughts on “Repeat After Me”

  1. Lori we were there on Saturday night when the song started I turned around to Sue and said that’s Lori’s song’s. Love you and need to talk with you.

    1. Ahhhh! It was such a personal blessing to me! Yes… let’s talk soon. You can message me on facebook and we can figure out a time. Love you.

  2. Lori your faith is such a blessing.
    I love your song, Ive been hearing it a lot and think and pray for you. I went to Saturday service and they played it there too

  3. Love it love it! It’s so important that you are listening to Him! I love that He messaged you in that service, what a good God we serve! XOXO

  4. What a strong moving song! I feel so much peace as I listened to it. What Divine providence that it happen to be the song they chose for that particular Sunday. I hope you continue to feel his loving presents.

  5. dearest Lori, I am truly so encouraged by your sharing and your writing. In my own trials I think of the words (and songs) you’ve given us and I take a deep breath, stand up tall, and trust our God Almighty with my fears. Thank you friend for sharing so much of yourself and your story.
    love you,

    1. Susan! I am so happy you are reading my blog and feeling encouraged. Thank you for your investment in my life and for just being YOU. I LOVE your sense of humor and your stories and I count it a very special blessing to be mentored by you. Love you.

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