Master’s Degree

“But kids… I have a master’s degree!”

Jessica and Cory sat across the table from me, completely unimpressed.  My credentials and reputation in the educational world meant nothing to them.  I was just their mom, and they needed to know that I loved them unconditionally, more than they needed my resume.  I, however, needed to be validated, acknowledged, admired-  anything.  Give me something that would motivate me to continue this challenging road of homeschooling.
I thought God had called me to school my children at home, but in reality, I was the one being stripped of myself, my identify… and educated in the principles of Godly ways.  Lesson 1:  my lack of God’s righteous character.  Painful.  I was SO tired of the junk in my life and heart, and God was answering my cry for change by the vehicle of home-educating.  What a moment of revelation.  The homeschooling was more about me than them.  As God would change me, I would become a compassionate minister to my family.
There are many days when I want to flee from this calling.  “Please God, not me.  Choose another to head up this educational charge for Jess and Cory,”  all the while thanking God for allowing me to be the one personally selected for this task.  
God grant me mercy for this day, this moment in time with these… my two personal gifts from you.  Take my master’s degree and make it truly a degree of The Master.



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7 thoughts on “Master’s Degree”

  1. My husband and I were just reading a devotional from Contemplating the Cross, a 40-day prayer journal leading up to Easter. Today we contemplated that when Jesus was hung on the cross at any point he could have said, "Enough," but he went all the way. May he give you and us grace to go all the way with him. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. So, I am totally crying… Thanks for the blog, thanks for the "run" (shhh… don't tell Wendy) and most of all the cool-down chat! I love you dear friend!

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