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‘Afraid Yet Filled With Joy’: Overcoming a Fear of Failure

We didn’t see it coming. It was early Saturday morning and I was headed to the beach with Wendy and Kellie. I pulled into the gas station to quickly fuel up before driving down the hill to where we would do our favorite Saturday routine of jogging two miles, followed by getting coffee, and thenContinue Reading “‘Afraid Yet Filled With Joy’: Overcoming a Fear of Failure”

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Releasing Teens to Grow Up (Part 2) And the Lessons I’m Having a Hard Time Learning

HOW do you release your young adult kids to grow up into the people God designed them to be? HOW do you allow them to launch without controlling their every move? Is it just me and my anxiety-driven, Enneagram 6- catastrophizing mindset that is struggling with this? Or can you relate? WHY is every stepContinue Reading “Releasing Teens to Grow Up (Part 2) And the Lessons I’m Having a Hard Time Learning”

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Weight-loss Check In (or a.k.a. Checked-Out)

Let’s just do a little weight-loss update. I can summarize my progress in a short phrase: Some weight was lost, and now I’m completely stalled. There. I said it. Hah! What is wrong with me? Here are the facts:  I’ve been actively pursuing this trying-to-lose-weight thing for a year, and have only lost l5 pounds.Continue Reading “Weight-loss Check In (or a.k.a. Checked-Out)”

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Organized Pantry and Spices and Thoughts on Marriage

My pantry looks amazing! I mean, you should REALLY be impressed with it. I thoroughly decluttered it about a month ago (you can read about that here) and have now spent some time organizing it. Everything came together fairly quickly, except for those darn spices! I struggle with wanting the PERFECT solution, which derails progressContinue Reading “Organized Pantry and Spices and Thoughts on Marriage”

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Releasing Teens to Grow Up

Cory’s senior year, aka… the LONGEST year of my life, has simply flown by. I know, I know. That’s an oxymoron, but it’s TRUE. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, as every mom would agree. The days are long, but the years are short. Cory and I have been through aContinue Reading “Releasing Teens to Grow Up”

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Moms, Daughters, and Being 22

My mom was beautiful— graceful, classy in a down-to-earth sort of way. She was quiet, sometimes distant… holding in so many childhood wounds. She passed away at age 46 after a weary battle with cancer. I’ll never forget the day she called me into the kitchen to tell me she had breast cancer. The lumpContinue Reading “Moms, Daughters, and Being 22”

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Experiencing Loss and Laughter

It was a moment marked by joy and tragedy, a realization of the impact of loss. My closest friend was walking in the door of the church as a recording of another friend’s beautiful voice filled the building. I had not seen my approaching friend in almost 7 years, (you can read a bit aboutContinue Reading “Experiencing Loss and Laughter”

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Identifying a Poverty Mentality While Cleaning out a Pantry

Cory, my 18-year- old son, was not feeling well. Within minutes it turned into full-blown food poisoning. And when I say full-blown, well… you get the picture. When things finally began to calm down he was able to explain what he had eaten. He had found a bottle of red, snow-cone syrup in the backContinue Reading “Identifying a Poverty Mentality While Cleaning out a Pantry”

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Letting Go of Clutter When Life is Hard

Can I be real? Transparent? I’ve lost all decluttering motivation. I exceled in January and even made it through February when so many others bailed on their goals. But. March. March undid me.  The challenges were, well… CHALLENGING, and my energy, emotions, time, perspective were all de-railed. I fell off the decluttering bandwagon with aContinue Reading “Letting Go of Clutter When Life is Hard”

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Keeping Clutter Out of Friendships

My friend is not doing well. This post was to be about relationships, and how important it is to not allow toxic thoughts to clutter our interactions with those closest to us, but… My friend is just not doing well. Life seemed to stop this weekend as the events unfolded in which my friend foundContinue Reading “Keeping Clutter Out of Friendships”